The Droplet in the Forest

These are my favourite poems by Edith Södergran – the translation from the original Swedish is my own, and if you should be interested in the translations of her complete works, visit my website ScandiPoetry where I publish my translations of her and Gustaf Munch-Petersen in their entirety. This here is just an excerpt – but a great one.

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New Blog Coming Up

So, as you can see, I decided to try my luck with a new blog – or rather, I had a lot of stuff lying around I wanted to publish and wasn’t satisfied with my options for publishing it, so I decided to create a new platform of my own.

Because, why not, really? If you know how to code you might as well do it…

So if you should want to see what I get up to in the fields of artwork, graphics, comics, photography, writing, poetry, translations, web animations and anything of that ilk and further creative endeavors, you’ve come to the right place. That’s going to be the content of this site from this day henceforth… That, and the commentary to each piece consisting of my tongue-in-cheek humour and renowned cynicism.

Yours truly

Katrine-Marie (Nebula)