‘My Collected Works’

It sounds presumptious to say it like that. However, it is technically true. I have spent the last year-or-so (in my limited spare time) revising all of my poetry collections, short story collections, translations etc., and creating web app versions of them (as well as PDFs). New and updated, and with much better styling than before.

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Portraying Slovakia

I had a hunch in advance that Slovakia was bound to be a beautiful country – but I had no idea before I stood there. I spent a good week in and around the Slovakian part of the Tatra mountains, and I can only say that I wish the trip had been longer.

I took a good deal of photos while there, of which you can see a handful here…

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Concerning This Blog

Wow, how time flies. I made this blog over a year ago with every intention of using it to – shall we say – blow off some creative steam and share my thoughts regarding current projects I’m working on in a less formal environment. But time has been in dreadfully short supply, and by that I mean both time to actually be creative, and time to update this site.

Does that mean I intend to suspend it? No way. It just means that now when I have the time and energy to do so, I shall begin by updating the design of the site, and end by posting regularly about new projects.

I apologize for the delay – mostly to myself, really. Stay tuned to see what I figure out about the design. Once done, I’ll post before-and-after screenshots for future reference.