Teaser – dare you?

I’ve gotten myself caught up in writing a full-length novel that was actually only supposed to be a short story but took on a life of its own, and demanded more space. Much more space. And now that I’ve gotten comfortably far into it to be able to say there’s a significant chance that I’ll actually get to complete it, I think you ought to get something to whet your appetite…

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Concerning This Blog

Wow, how time flies. I made this blog over a year ago with every intention of using it to – shall we say – blow off some creative steam and share my thoughts regarding current projects I’m working on in a less formal environment. But time has been in dreadfully short supply, and by that I mean both time to actually be creative, and time to update this site.

Does that mean I intend to suspend it? No way. It just means that now when I have the time and energy to do so, I shall begin by updating the design of the site, and end by posting regularly about new projects.

I apologize for the delay – mostly to myself, really. Stay tuned to see what I figure out about the design. Once done, I’ll post before-and-after screenshots for future reference.


New Blog Coming Up

So, as you can see, I decided to try my luck with a new blog – or rather, I had a lot of stuff lying around I wanted to publish and wasn’t satisfied with my options for publishing it, so I decided to create a new platform of my own.

Because, why not, really? If you know how to code you might as well do it…

So if you should want to see what I get up to in the fields of artwork, graphics, comics, photography, writing, poetry, translations, web animations and anything of that ilk and further creative endeavors, you’ve come to the right place. That’s going to be the content of this site from this day henceforth… That, and the commentary to each piece consisting of my tongue-in-cheek humour and renowned cynicism.

Yours truly

Katrine-Marie (Nebula)