Danse Macabre – La Main de l’Artiste

Funny story – I tried to paint something that didn’t turn out quite the way that I expected, and when I decided not to keep it, I slammed my hand into the paint in frustration… The rest is history.

That’s how it goes. *shrug*

Also, this series of images is a deeply ironic attempt at portraying destruction as a work of art even though I have always argued that in order to be considered “art”, the product would have to be constructive; not destructive.

You could also say that this series is my attempt at making something out of nothing; or turning a bad situation into a good one. Hey, I’m just trying to put a positive spin on it here. Don’t shoot the messenger.

There is of course also the opportunity to read this as a comment on the artist’s hands (as stated in the title) which is the tools that actively create a work of art. But I will leave that up to you to ponder for yourself.

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