I have dabbled in self-portraiture in the past, but this time I decided to go a whole other way about it.

I have never been a fan of posting selfies like everybody else seems to have become addicted to. The only reason why I ever took selfies (which I, not to brag, did waaaay before it was cool) is because I hate it when other people photograph me. So, necessarily, I have had to take matters into my own – quite capable – hands.

The past self-portraits I have made have been pastel drawings or paintings. This time I decided to use photographs. Photographs that show me exposed (as in, melting into the background because the exposure has been cranked up), or dabbed with paint after a heated stint of work on a – you guessed it – painting.

These pictures show me as I feel that I am. Melting away into the background. Covered with a mask of art. A reticent onlooker among actors. An all-seeing eye peering out from behind myself.


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