‘My Collected Works’

It sounds presumptious to say it like that. However, it is technically true. I have spent the last year-or-so (in my limited spare time) revising all of my poetry collections, short story collections, translations etc., and creating web app versions of them (as well as PDFs). New and updated, and with much better styling than before.

Until further notice I have gathered these editions at the Fjordstudio Bookshelf which is a super-minimalistic website, which doesn’t matter since it’s basically only intended to hold the complete list of works for easy perusal (and ease of update, for my part).

It holds everything I have written that I have approved as well enough to be shared, and which has been gathered into some form of publication. Loose poems, fragments and unpublished short stories need not apply…

I will update the site when I manage to put a new collection together – or if I ever manage to finish one of those partially-written novels my head is spinning with – so stay tuned.

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