There’s a story behind this project (not very surprising, right). I wrote a poem a couple of years ago (not a very good one) whose title was “Water”, and I ended up spilling water on it, so that the ink dissolved and half of the text was impossible to read.

Over time I came to wonder how I could use that effect in art.

So, the main difference from that poem to these A3-sized posters is that this time I am doing it on purpose, and with a purpose. The text on the posters come from the Wikipedia article about Water. It describes the technical composition, the distribution of water on Earth as well as its usage. Juxtaposed is the actual water that dissolves the ink, creating a beautiful, delicate mosaic between the letters. The message: Sometimes observing nature in itself is enough; sometimes we don’t need to explain everything to understand it. Sometimes it is far better to just let nature speak for itself.

Aside from the posters in their entirety, I will include a few details from them hereunder, which will allow you to really examine the patterns created by the diluted ink.

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